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STEP 1 - Pod & Optional Extras;
Choose your pod style and size and then any optional extras you'd like to add from the top section. Click the BUY NOW button within each items description, to add it to your shopping cart.

STEP 2 - Working Out & Buying Your 'Round Trip' Delivery Mileage Charge;
Using AA's route planner (click here) work out the miles it is from Social Pods to your delivery address. Copy this basic address 'Amesbury, WIltshire SP4 7SZ' and paste it into the 'From Box' on AA's site, add your address & postcode into the 'To Box' and click 'Plan Route' then multiply the figure the site gives you by 2, you now have your own total 'round trip' mileage. Select the correct 'round trip' mileage value by clicking the BUY NOW button within its description, to add it to your shopping cart (delivery is a kerb side drop off only with no install and is for those who wish to 'self install' their own Pod - see step 3 if you require install).

STEP 3 - If you want installation, add the correct installation charge for the Pod SIZE you've purchased;
Installation is carried our by our own two man installation team. There are different installation charges for 2 seater Pods, 4 seater Pods and 6 seater Pods. Buy the correct 'install value' for the size of pod you have purchased, by adding it to your shopping cart. The install value is dictated by the number of seats and must match the number of seats of your chosen pod.

STEP 4 - Complete your purchase via PayPal;
If you have an existing PayPal account, use this to make your purchase - you will receive your confirmation on email from PayPal as usual. If you do not have a PayPal account, set up is free, safe and easy, visit this link - set up a new PayPal account

If your 'round trip' delivery mileage is more than 300 miles, please buy the 'over 300 miles' and we will call you to confirm any extra delivery charge that may apply.

Click the link below to complete our online contact form - we look forward to hearing from you


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